Assembly or Kit Fulfillment


We will take low margin fulfillment or assembly orders to get our foot in the door with new customers and extend our service to present customers.

Some people think of it as a cost; we view it as a service.

People Count

In fulfillment as in converting, people make the difference. We credit David Lima, manager of Kino Foam and the people who work with him for being organized and relishing the challenges they face everyday.

"Some people call this job stress, but it drives us. Somebody once said What kills one person, feeds another. All of us in fulfillment like the challenges."

Permanent part-time workers contribute in the fulfillment area. “We have about five people who are on call,” David explains. “The are reliable, know the business, and can oversee the work of a temporary we might hire for a particular project.” While a local agency might provide workers for a particular project, at ACC, our permanent part-timers make fulfillment work.